Ep.10 Coming out of darkness and walking with the light – with Doreen Virtue

In this episode, I interview my sister in Christ – Doreen Virtue. It is sound advice to not seek ‘experiences’ as proof of God but there is no denying the REAL experiential changes that happen when we become believers. Doreen shares her journey with me and her experience, walking out of the darkness and into the light of Christ.

Ep.09 Talking Meditation, Astral Projection, Jesus & Buying Golf Clubs with Steven Bancarz

In this episode I’m joined by Steven Bancarz who’s videos on the truth of Christ has brought so many out of the deceptive world of new age practices such as meditations, astral projection, third eye awakening, energy healing, yoga and so many more straight into the loving arms of Jesus.

Ep.08 Dangerous Spiritual Sex Practices From The New Age

Brie Marie shares her experience with living out her ‘sexual freedoms’ until Jesus delivered her to the truth and the true understanding of sex, relationships and marriage.

Ep.07 Leaving Pride

Tonight I’m sharing the apocalyptic moment where God revealed His truth about my prideful ways and the sexual sin in my life.
Biblically speaking the term apocalypse means an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known nor which could have known apart from the unveiling.
And that is precisely what happened to me. When God opened my eyes to His truth I couldn’t un-see it.

Ep.06 From Child Psychic to Child of God

“I had a problem with the name Jesus. I started doing energy healing on why I’m not comfortable around that name.” – Carrie
In this episode, Carrie covers so much of what its like being under the deception of the self-healing energy world. From a child psychic to a child of God – the beautiful unfolding of true light and love in her life as well as her family. To God be the glory.

You can find Carrie on IG @riverbellcottage

Ep.05 The Power Of Words

This week I’m delving into the power of words
• How Words affect our brain, our body and our beliefs
• How Law of Attraction community uses the power of words to call in the things they wish to see in their lives…
• And what the Bible has to say about it all…
So please do settle in while you consider the words which I have for you today.

Ep.04 Clairvoyance to Christ

After being harassed by an unseen realm Clare sought to discover how best to protect herself from these frightening attacks. Led into a world of mediumship and clairvoyance she found she had a knack for speaking to spirit guides and began to teach others… Hollywood beckoned… but also God calling her to Him. Tune into this episode as she gives her amazing testimony of clairvoyance to Christ.

Follow Clare on IG @clairvoyance_to_christ

Ep.02 Uncovering the hollowness of Law of Attraction.

In this episode, you’ll hear from ex-law of attraction coach Tracy Wren whose supernatural experience through a dream revealed the full truth of what she had been searching for… an encounter with Jesus pulled her out of the manifestation deception that has blinded so many and infiltrated the online business world.

2 Corinthians 11:14
“Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Visit her at www.tracywren.com and her podcast Faith To Freedom