Private Contract Library

Welcome to your own private contract library with all the search capabilities of Law Insider. Just upload your documents (Word or PDF) and within minutes Law Insider AI will automatically find the contracts hidden among your documents. It will then organize and structure your own Law Insider contract database.

Organize Every Contract

  • Upload from 100 to 100,000 contracts. No limits, no hidden fees.
  • Law Insider AI will organize and structure all of your documents in minutes.
  • Use Law Insider’s powerful search engine to explore your own private contract database.

Secure Access & Storage

  • Your private data is encrypted in transit and at rest for maximum security.
  • User-based permissions allow you to share individual libraries with colleagues or clients.
  • You own and control your contracts! We’re just here to help you organize them.

All of your contracts. Organized.

Your Own Library


A centralized library that pulls contracts from your desktop and leading cloud applications into one seamlessly organized library.

Your Own API


A SQL interface to structured tables containing data automatically generated from the documents in your library.

Popular Use Cases


Clause Library

Organize all of your most commonly used contract clauses into your own personal clause library.


Convert to and Download Your Contracts in Common Formats

Supported formats are: PDF, DOCX, Google Docs, and HTML.


Discover Non-Standard Agreements

Upload your legacy database of customer or vendor agreements, and uncover risks and opportunities.


Easier Due Diligence

Upload and organize thousands of documents in minutes to support M&A due diligence.

Try Private Contract Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Law Insider Private Contract Libraries?
Do you love discovering new contracts and clauses with Law Insider? Now you can use this same search engine to explore your own contracts. Law Insider Private Contract Libraries helps you convert your own database of contracts into a structured and searchable contract library. And it takes only minutes to set-up.
What kind of documents can I upload?
Law Insider can ingest both Word and PDF documents.
Who has access to my private contract library?
Only you! You control all access rights permissions.
How many documents should I upload?
To get the full search benefits of Law Insider, upload between 2 and 100,000 documents.
Am I able to delete contracts and my library?
You have full control of your data, and can permanently remove any library with all of its contents any time.
Have more questions?
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