Software Engineer, Front End

Law Insider is looking for a Front End engineer for a full time remote position. Located anywhere in the world, you will be responsible for implementing new features, measuring impact with data and optimizing existing features that impact millions of users who directly interact with

Minimum qualifications:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • React
  • Testing
  • Basic understanding of UX

Preferred qualifications:

  • Benchmarking and optimizing for pagespeed
  • Python
  • Being familiar with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Data Engineer

Law Insider is looking for a Cloud Data Engineer for a full time remote position. Located anywhere in the world, you will be responsible for expanding and improving upon existing distributed data processing pipelines that are built on top of Apache Beam running on Google Cloud Dataflow. With these pipelines, which daily process terabytes of data, you will help improve the precision and coverage of existing content and implement new data extraction algorithms.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Python
  • Experience with one of Apache Beam, Spark, Hadoop or similar technologies
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Testing

Preferred qualifications:

  • Google Cloud Platform (Dataflow, Storage, Datastore)
  • SQL (BigQuery)
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing
  • Training and using models on Tensorflow

About Law Insider

Law Insider is the top rated legal research site for contracts, clauses and defined terms. With millions of users and thousands of active subscribers we are growing fast, and looking for motivated and positive people to join us. Our small team is fully remote and distributed around the world. As a bootstrapped company, all of our founders and team members are deeply committed to our users and community.

Our goal is to organize legal contracts from around the world to make them easily accessible, structured and searchable. Our data processing pipeline adds thousands of new contracts every day into our existing dataset of millions of contracts, which are then immediately available on our website. From each contract we are able to extract legal clauses and definitions that we organize in a way that makes it easier for attorneys and business professionals in all sectors to find common language that they can use to compare against existing contracts or for when drafting new ones.

As an engineering led company, we strive for good test coverage while staying nimble,use a lot of automation to make writing code and spotting mistakes easier and perform code reviews. Our continuous integration system ensures that changes can be delivered to users within minutes after being merged, and so you can start analyzing your impact immediately.

Contact us at moc.redisniwal@sboj.